About us

Since our inception in 1999, The Reach Cooling Group has become a global leader in manufacturing and distribution of aftermarket cooling products for automotive, light and heavy duty truck applications.

Our commitment to our customers and suppliers is to be the partner who cannot be replaced, maximizing long term value for them, our investors and employees. We will achieve this with product innovations, improving the efficiency throughout the supplier chain and a relentless pursuit of high quality, while creating opportunities that enable our associates to excel.


Development Process

The Reach Cooling Group is a multi-national company headquartered in Miami, FL, USA. Today, under the Reach banner there are:

U.S.A Headquarters - Miami, FL (1999)

U.S.A. West Coast Operation - Los Angeles, California (2005)   

BRAZIL—Reach do Brazil (2007)

MEXICO- Alpha Victory de México S.A. de C.V. (2008)

VENEZUELA—Inversiones Reach De Venezuela,C.A (2009)

PERU---Reach Cooling Peru S.A.C (2012)

CHINA—Shanghai Reach Import Export Co., Ltd (2000)

        Shanghai Victory Heat Transfer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (2006)

        Shanghai Reach Heat Transfer Mfg. Co., Ltd. (2013)



To operate as one entity, united and focused. 

To meet challenges and exceed expectations. 

To carry out our mission with unwavering resolve. 

To continuously seek improvement.

To encourage an our employee’s passion for learning. 

To embrace innovation for continuous forward mobility. 

To provide opportunity by believing in and entrusting our people.